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We offer high-quality items for men, women, and children of all ages.

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View our vast collection of premium products for the entire family!

Explore our range of products including cozy hoodies, stylish jackets, cool T-shirts, sleek phone cases, durable laptop covers, unique coffee mugs, and much more. Perfect for everyday style and functionality!


Exceptional Craftsmanship, Birb-Approved

At the Birb Merch Shop, we take pride in offering exclusively top-tier items. Our commitment to excellence means we handpick only the most superior materials for our products. Each piece is bespoke, meticulously fashioned to meet your unique preferences, and undergoes a thorough quality assessment to ensure it meets the Birb standard of perfection before it makes its way to you.

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We Offer Worldwide Shipping

At Birb, our wingspan is truly global. We’re excited to offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that no matter where you nest, you can enjoy our products. Strategically positioned with two state-of-the-art shipping facilities in the US and Europe, we’re set up to deliver your orders swiftly and efficiently, reducing wait times and ensuring your goods arrive promptly, no matter your location.

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Broad Selection of Accessories

Take a look at our wide array of accessories, from trendy hats to sturdy phone cases, practical backpacks, unique coffee mugs, and protective laptop cases, among many other items. Plus, get ready for our upcoming addition of specialty Coffee and Tea, perfect for savoring in our custom-designed mugs. Stay tuned for their release, and imagine enjoying a warm sip with us in the near future.

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Personalize Your Style with Birb NFTs

Enhance your style by incorporating your unique Birb NFT into custom t-shirts and various items, easily and efficiently.


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Welcome to the official merch shop of Birb, the place where fashion aligns with value. As an integral feather in the Birb community, our shop is more than just merchandise; it’s a statement of identity. Discover our diverse range of products at unbeatable prices, each designed to bring the spirit of Birb into your daily life. Learn more about Birb at

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